LinkedIn Brings 3 New Features to LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn Brings 3 New Features to LinkedIn Pages

LinkedIn pages are getting three new features meant to facilitate more community engagement and stronger relationships with followers.

There are now more than 50 million organizations around the world that are using LinkedIn pages. In order to assist them, LinkedIn rolls out regular updates every quarter. The newest features include an invite to follow, LinkedIn Live integration, and new posting options.

Invite to Follow

LinkedIn is giving page managers the option to invite first-degree profile connections to follow their page, so that they can grow their communities and reach relevant followers. 

LinkedIn users have shared that one of their biggest pain points is increasing the number of engaged and relevant followers, and growing the following for your Page is one of the most valuable marketing objectives on LinkedIn. Increasing it can lead to higher organic reach and more accurate insights. It’s a critical step to building your community on the platform. 

So now, for example, when you leave a networking event, you can immediately invite new contacts to follow your Page. It will also make it easier to grow your Page audience among the users you are already networking with.

Stream With LinkedIn Live

LinkedIn pages now have the option to broadcast live streams, a feature that was previously only available to personal profiles. Page managers can apply for access to this feature on the LinkedIn Live website.

LinkedIn Live is now allowing companies to “leverage sight, sound, and motion, to have direct conversations and interactions with their Page followers,” and to humanize their brand’s voice on LinkedIn. Followers who have push notification enabled and already engage with video on LinkedIn will get notifications of a Page going live, making it easier to reach them.

Live Streaming via LinkedIn Live is coming to all pages. The professional network, along with stream targeting features from third-party tools – such as Restream, Wirecast, and Socialive – will enable pages to reach the right audiences across different languages and locations. The platform has also introduced private testing capabilities for Live Stream, allowing companies to rehearse and test before going live.

Why You Should Care

According to LinkedIn, live streams generate 7X more reactions and 24X more comments compared to standard videos, so Live has become the most requested feature. In addition to these stats, LinkedIn users are 20x more likely to share a video on the platform than any other type of post. By creating content that your audience wants to see and share, your viewers become advocates of your company and expand your global influence.

LinkedIn says that video is the fastest-growing format on the platform, along with original written work, shared news, and other content. Considering the performance of video content on the platform, it makes sense for brands to think of ways to incorporate LinkedIn live-streaming into their presence.

Live Content Ideas

You can now cover conferences, product announcements, Q&As, office hours, awards ceremonies, and other events. Viewers can ask questions or make comments in real-time. This way, you can engage in two-way conversations on-screen while driving real-time participation. You can also moderate those comments in real-time to remove unwanted messages. 

Posting fresh content on a regular basis to your Page will give it more visibility on member feeds (Pages that post at least weekly see a 2x increase in engagement, which leads to higher organic reach.) and make it more appealing to potential followers. Members are tuning into a wide range of topics, such as corporate social responsibility or even company-wide costume contests, to create engagement among employees and organizations.

LinkedIn is a business platform, but you still have to make your content stand out, and text-only posts just won’t do. Visual storytelling via video, infographics, photos, and artwork gives users impressions about how your company thinks and acts to give users an authentic and transparent idea of your company. Creative imagery, and especially videos, stand out more on feeds, helping you get noticed. 

Post as a Page or Member

A new toggle switch on the homepage will let you toggle between posting content as an individual or an organization. Previously, users would have to visit their page in order to publish a post via their page.  

Now It is easier than ever for you to engage with your community. The new switch allows you to post from the same place you already post on LinkedIn, so you can promote your brand in the way that works best for you.

That will undoubtedly lead to some slip-ups, with people unintentionally posting personal updates from the company page, and vice versa. Still, it will surely be useful for those looking to maintain active company and personal profiles. 


These updates are created to deliver more value from the community-driven features on the platform to help brands build stronger relationships with followers, customers, and employees. The new features give Page admins more ways to streamline posting from pages, reach more people with the new ‘Invite’ tool, and create meaningful connections in a live streaming environment. While none of these updates are ground-breaking, each of them could have significant impacts and could make it easier for you to build your LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn says that all of these updates are starting from this week, so if you’re not seeing them yet, you will shortly (except in the case of LinkedIn Live, for which you need to apply for access).

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