Innovative Approaches To Improve Your LinkedIn Communication Strategy

Innovative Approaches To Improve Your LinkedIn Communication Strategy

If used correctly, LinkedIn can prove itself to be one of the most efficient social networks where you can make your content stand out from the crowd. As opposed to other social networks such as Facebook, or Instagram, where competition is really tough and where many distractions pop up every other second, LinkedIn can be a place where your audience is more focused, more connected, and more in theme.

We found that by regularly posting on LinkedIn, the number of views and hits your content will get can be even higher than the numbers received for the same type of content on other social networks. This is why we have decided to share a few innovative approaches to improve your LinkedIn communication strategy.

1. Post your own blog/website content to LinkedIn Groups in order to drive traffic to your website

LinkedIn is the number 1 social network in the world for professional purposes and for seeking business collaborations, opportunities, and contacts. This makes it the number 1 priority for your business if you want to connect with a professional and knowledgeable audience.

Depending on your industry, on the product or service, you are trying to promote or sell, start by identifying the LinkedIn Groups where your key audience could be present. Make sure that those groups have over 20K members, because the bigger the group, the higher the reach of your content will be.

Don’t start posting your own content just yet. Start by commenting on the already existing content (go for the most recent posts) and get acquainted with each group’s active users. After a week or two, after you have gotten a look and feel of a group, start by posting content which is relevant to the group’s profile. You’re on your way!

2. Post content from different sources, not just your own!

When you start posting, go for the 2-1-1 rule. This means that you should post two types of content from external sources (not your blog, website), 1 post specific to the industry, from a reliable source that most people are aware of, and 1 post which is your own content.

This will make you look like a professional of the field who is not there just to spam the group with his own promotional materials.

If you start posting and will take into account this rule, you can easily get 300 or more views per post, on groups which have tens of thousands and hundreds of thousands of members. If you add up the numbers, for 3-4 posts you can easily get over 1K hits, just from one LinkedIn group. Keep on posting!

 3. Engage with your audience

After posting on LinkedIn groups, don’t just leave the link there and wait for it to be buried under piles of more recent links. Engage with everybody who is commenting. Answer their questions and ask questions of your own.

This will make you look like an expert in the field, and not just someone who is looking to post links to get traffic to his company’s website or blog.

By following these simple steps, your LinkedIn communication will see a huge improvement. Don’t forget to contact us if you have any questions, or visit our blog if you want to read more tips and tricks about improving your online communication. Drop us a line, right here!

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