How to Stay Fresh on Social Media with so Much Content Being Posted Daily

How to Stay Fresh on Social Media with so Much Content Being Posted Daily

During the past few years, social media has become the backbone of digital communication for most brands out there. There’s really no other way around it, considering that every company needs to go where its target audience is. And where are most people to be found right now? On social media, that’s right.

This is why adapting and constantly readapting your social media communication is an ongoing process that every business should get used to implementing. But how to stay fresh with all that content (social media noise) being posted online on a daily basis?

Go Visual – Make It Stand Out!

93% of communication is already visual. This means that the less you focus on visual and the more you invest time in other forms of communication, the more harm you are doing to your brand.

Try to keep things visual! Stand out of the crowd with strong high-quality images and videos that will make your audience engage with your content. Don’t just choose generic stock photos to communicate a message. Go the extra mile and pick (or create) a custom image that perfectly matches your brand’s style and approach.

Get Influencers to Talk About You

Nobody likes seeing someone blowing his own horn. This is why you should do some research and find the perfect influencer to go with your brand identity. Find someone who stands out in your sector of activity, or someone who your target audience trusts or admires.

This will attract new eyes on your brand and it will raise awareness about your products or services.

Organize a Giveaway with Relevant Prices

Depending on your industry, you should consider hosting a giveaway for your current clients and followers, and for your future clients and potential fans. Try offering something you make, or something you have decided that your audience is into.

If you’re a bookstore – offer books. If you’re an artist – offer tickets to your concerts, a painting, or even think about promoting other artists. Just try to keep it relevant to your industry, because this will make people follow you on the long run. It’s also the safest way to avoid prize hunters that only come to your page for hit and run jobs. As soon as the giveaway is over, so will their attention start to fade away.

Talk about what your followers want to hear, not just about yourself

Most of the times, a company’s social media accounts are all about posting dull, low-effort links about company updates. It’s nothing engaging, nothing of true value. And while many think that their fans will not notice this, trust us, they will.

People know when you are posting just for the sake of it, and not for actually creating value. Consider posting more relevant content from your industry, and not just news about your company. Post updates that are generally helpful for anyone who follows you, and this way, whenever you post a company update, people are much more likely to read about it, because they will consider you an objective source.

Staying fresh on social media is no easy task these days, but if you put the time into your company’s digital communication, it’s definitely worth it.

If you’re interested in learning more about staying fresh and relevant on social media, be sure to read our articles, or drop us a line right here.

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