How to Start a Business With No Website and Only Social Media

How to Start a Business With No Website and Only Social Media

Starting a business if tough, we know. Especially at the beginning, when resources are limited and you need to rely on whatever you have to get you started. Getting the first clients is always the hardest, because they need to know about your products and about your existence.

This is why you should start with a very modern, well-designed website, which is easy to use and easy to understand. The website should provide all the necessary information about your brand, your company and your products and/or services straight up front. This way, people will get a clear understanding about you and your business.

Build a Facebook Page

However, if you do not have the budget to create a fresh looking and functional website, you should go directly to Facebook. Having over 2 billion users, Facebook is already considered a second website. In some cases, companies rely more on Facebook than they do on their website, because that’s where their audience is.

In today’s modern world, if a company’s not on Facebook, it’s basically like the company doesn’t exist. At least that’s how most people look at the issue.

Having a Facebook page for your company will allow you to identify your key audience by running paid ads and it will give you the opportunity to better understand your clients’ needs. You’ll be able to make the first business contacts and you’ll possibly have your first clients if you run very well-targeted ads.

Build a LinkedIn Page

If your company is activating in the B2B sector (it also applies to B2C), it is mandatory to set up a LinkedIn Page for your business. This will make your entire company look more professional and it will make it even easier to connect with other companies.

You can learn to use Sales Navigator to generate leads which may just land you your very first clients. Keep track of all the ads you run and try to analyse what works best, with what target audience and on what platforms.

Create an Instagram Account

Your business will have a lot to gain if you’re present on Instagram. It’s the fastest growing social network and it’s easy to understand why. Focused on visual content (photographs and videos), Instagram offers companies the chance to connect with their audiences through a more creative approach.

By using specific industry-related hashtags, you can start making a name for yourself on Instagram in no time, if you also provide quality content for your future possible clients.

Focus on what works best for your business

After building a strong presence on social media, you need to start focusing on what generates the best results for your company. There’s only so much time you can spend on social networks trying to promote your business and to generate sales.

The first social network that brings in the first customers should become your number one priority. That means that you’re doing something right and you’ve already managed to identify your audience (or a part of it). Keep a strong focus on them.

Try to generate new leads which will lead to new sales. This will get your business up and running and it will allow you the breathing room to focus on developing a better presence on other social networks and also the budget to build a website for your company.

Whatever brings in revenue should be taken as a positive example and you should figure out how to replicate the things you have done right on your other social networks. If you’re interested in learning more tips and tricks about growing your business, be sure to visit our blog, or drop us a line right here.

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