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The most frequent questions about our company & partnerships.

White label marketing is the hiring and rebranding another company’s product or service and then offering it to your customers as your own service. Agencies use White Label services when they want to offer more services but maintain complete control of thier clients

We offer a range of premium services which range from, Advanced SEO Blog Writing, Premium Website Design, Managed WordPress Hosting, Website Maintenance & Technical Optimization, & Consulting & Software Implementation Services. 

We offer a range of premium services which range from, Advanced SEO Blog Writing, Premium Website Design, Managed WordPress Hosting, Website Maintenance & Technical Optimization, & Consulting & Software Implementation Services. 

Yes, we have free trials for several including our Managed WordPress hosting 14 day free trial, and our Website Optimization Service which is designed to clean up all the errors and technical issues on your website and get you running at industry standard speeds of 90%+ on We will migrate your site for free and set you up inside our optimized environment and you can test the site for us to 15 days before committing to our plan. 

Yes, we offer special agency pricing for ongoing partnerships we offer 20% off listed prices and can discuss custom pricing for monthly spends of $20,000 or more. 

Security is taken very seriously at Strong Digital. We have Enterprise level systems set up to frequently monitor our infrastructure and data for breaches and malware by the minute, and we also have  24/7 Engineer Level Support Teams that support fortune 500 companies. All precautions and security details are carefully mapped out. 

Everything we do for you has a rigid approval process and will be sent to you for final approval before closing a project. You get the final say on everything and as many edits or revisions as needed to give your client the best. 

We don’t need to speak to clients directly if you prefer a full white label set up where you send us work we complete and send back to you to deliver to your clients. If you are looking for more of a strategic partner to really help you grow your business and provide your clients with the most value possible we have a strategic partner offering for agencies. Our CEO, & CMO, will work personally with our partners to set set up for maximized potential. We are experts at growing agencies and helping them find ways to implement new offerings that all your clients need and will love. 

We don’t believe in dedicate project managers like other companies boast about. We believe in specializing not generalizing. It’s impossible for any project manager to specialize in all services especially as advanced as ours are. Our philosophy is one that we keep our specialists in divisions that they specialize in and nothing else. You will have full access to our senior managers for each service you need and even our Executive team for strategic planning and strategy sessions if needed. We ensure you get the correct response quickly and from an expert not a random response from a single dedicated project manager like other companies.

Previously known as Strong Social a leader in social media management for 6 years, we rebranded as Strong Digital in 2019. Strong Digital reflects our new focus in the technology and artificial intelligence space, where we develop highly advanced, products and services for other agencies. With 15 years+ experience we are currently ranked in the top 1% agencies in the entire world. 

We are a Canadian based company incorporated and located in Calgary, Alberta, and expand across 6 other countries, and speak 7 different languages. We currently offer product & service offerings in English & Spanish.

We have a team of 40+ people spread across 6 countries speaking a total of 7 languages. USA and Canada are primary market locations, followed by Spanish speaking, Latin American Countries. We fully support business in North and South America Time Zones and Languages

The Founder and current CEO of Strong Digital is Jason Gordon. He can be seen and reached here on LinkedIn.

We have 100% satisfaction guarantees on everything we do and provide. We offer free trials of many services to make sure your clients are 100% happy before proceeding and full 30-day quality guarantee. If a case comes up where you or your client are not completely satisfied with the final outcome we offer a full 30 day period where we will do anything necessary to deliver a final product that you are completely happy with.  Our goal is to provide with the best of our team and the best services in the market. 

We provide you with all the sales materials, presentations, and sales training needed to make our relationship a success. All materials can be co braded with our logo and yours or completely white label to only show your brand. We will even provide you with emails to send to clients as follow ups, and weekly workshops for our Strategic partners who want the extra training and deep knowledge from our Executive Team.

Absolutely not. Everything we do has been designed and perfected in house with thousands of hours of testing to prove results and a smooth working process. We currently have 40+ team members and each specialized in their divisions. All writing, web design, hosting and maintenance plans you can rest assured you will get the best from our team. 

With over 8 years and 3500+ clients we have worked with every industry you can imagine. When it comes to marketing if you know how to communicate and understand the current industry standards it’s possible to get results in any industry. Marketing is a set of processes and systems that get replicated across hundreds of industries and with proper data and planning we can handle any industry. We have access to incredible data where we can show you the outcome and expected results before we even start.

This is a question perfect for our CEO and he loves to get on calls to show you not only what we have done to build our agency over the years, but share a wealth of knowledge with you that you didn’t even know existed yet. We suggest you set up a private one-hour call. We have something for everyone. 

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